4K technology is no longer for just the early adopter. We’re big fans of its vivid and true-to-life TV, streaming and Blu-ray experience.

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What is 4K?

4K is display technology and content that offers consumers an incredibly immersive viewing experience with outstanding levels of picture quality.

Put most simply, 4K relates to the number of pixels found in a picture and quadruples the total count of full HD. Most commonly the pixel configuration is 3,840 x 2,160, compared with the 1920×1080 you get in a full HD TV.

Interestingly, 4K TV’s and technology have been on the market since around 2012. Today, it’s increasingly becoming the norm as manufacturers roll out new technology and 4K becomes more readily available. Read on to learn more about the latest in 4K UHD TVs.

What’s in a name?

Somewhat confusingly, 4K is also known commonly known as UHD or even Ultra HD (Ultra-High Definition). This choice is generally made by the manufacturer.

While confusing, there is actually some logic to the new UHD term. That’s because it provides a way of distinguishing between the 3,840 x 2,160 resolution adopted by 16:9-ratio TVs and the slightly different 4096×2160 resolution first introduced in digital cinemas.

As well as this, September 2015 saw the first Ultra HD Blu-ray player hit the market.

The time is right.

In 2016 consumers now have choice in 4K Ultra HD TV ranges across a spread of screen sizes and price points more suited to all budgets.

On top of this, TV broadcasters and digital content creators as well as devices such as the iPhone are embracing 4k technology. More on that in our 4K content section.


What’s this logo then?

Voluntary guidelines developed by The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) came into effect September 2014. CEA’s aim in introducing a logo and set of minimum performance attributes is to provide clarity for consumers and retailers alike for devices in the marketplace.

In Canada, sports broadcasters have been some of the first to adopt 4K broadcasts across a variety of professional leagues. In fact, TSN produced North America’s first 4K sports broadcast in early 2016 with a Toronto Raptors game. This was followed shortly after by SportsNet with a Maple Leafs-Canadien’s Hockey Night in Canada showdown.

The rest of the year looks set to see increasing 4K content and competition as media companies fight for viewers and sports enthusiasts adopting an experienced billed as “So real, it’s like you’re right there”.




4K sports content is available on:


Watch every 2019 Toronto Blue Jays home game in 4K.

Source: Rogers 4K TV

What else is on 4K UHD TV?

From Blu-ray to the ever-increasing quantity of streaming and on demand content, your 4K UHD entertainment options are growing exponentially.


Your life in 4K

One of the most recent frontiers in 4K ultra HD display/recording technology landscape has been the smartphone. Bring your experiences to life on the big screen!


House of Cards was the first 4k series available made available to stream via Netflix.

After early 4K feedback accurately described the technology as pricey and restrained by limited content, we’re thankfully seeing both of those barriers coming down with broadcast, film, streaming, cable and 4K UHD choices like never before.

We invite you to come into our showroom, speak to our experts and most importantly see for yourself! If 4k is right for you, we’re here to help. If not, we’re still here to help! After all, we have lot’s of options and know-how to find what’s right for you!

The best 4K products

We don’t sell everything.
In fact, that’s something we’ve always stood behind. Because there’s always brands and technology that stand out for performance, style, quality and value – and that’s all we’re committed to.

What we do best, is first listening and then finding the best product for your budget and needs. On top of that we stand behind what we sell and are proud to boast life-long customers and growing referrals.

Everyone has opinion, come take a look the best in 4K UHD technology and decide for yourself. If we can help you make a smart decision on your next TV purchase it would be our pleasure…

Samsung’s UHD and Smart TV technology has been a leader for years. Contact us to shop the full range of 4K TV’s at great prices and with full design and installation services available.

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Sony’s XBR and W model range feature excellent contrast, colour and clarity of High Dynamic Range. Contact us to shop the full range of 4K TV’s at great prices and with full design and installation services available.

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