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Not too long ago, it seems, each technological device had its sole purpose in life and nothing more. Now, as more technology is being crammed into less space, the line separating one gadget from another is increasingly blurry. With Smart TVs combining the best of television and computer technology, you, the consumer, have more choice and control than ever before.

View some of the incredible features from Samsung’s Smart TV series:

Because Smart TV is still relatively new on the tech scene, exciting features and upgrades are being added all the time. Companies like Samsung and Panasonic are continuously creating and adding apps for their Smart TVs, constantly challenging your perception of what a TV can be.

Different manufacturers offer different features among their Smart TVs, but you will also encounter many similarities. Video-streaming apps like YouTube and Netflix are considered standard fare among Smart TV platforms and can even be accessed via other devices like gaming consoles or Blu-ray players with non-Smart TVs.

In the spirit of interactivity and connectivity, you can use social media sites like Facebook and Twitter through many Smart TVs – even while watching your favourite show. Skype is also available on some platforms, ideal for family gatherings when you want to make a faraway loved one feel closer.

As anyone who has ever gone on vacation knows, displaying those precious photos on a small computer screen can be underwhelming at best. When your TV is integrated into your Wi-Fi network, you can access media based on your computer from your TV – and brag about those special moments with the help of impressive clarity and impact.

If there are limits to how far Smart TVs can expand, they’re not on the radar. Features like full web browsing, Internet video and radio streaming, live video chatting and games are just some of the many reasons to consider upgrading your entertainment experience.

So, how do you know whether a Smart TV is right for you? Anyone who tells you they know the answer without getting to know you, doesn’t have your best interests at heart. For an honest, straightforward answer and a firsthand demo, visit the tech experts of Oakville Sight & Sound in person or stop by online at

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