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Networking + Wifi

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Why the network matters

From maintaining a comfortable temperature, to streaming music and movies and even keeping our homes safe and secure, there is an ever-growing ecosystem of products on which we rely that are becoming smarter and more sophisticated.

Without a reliable and efficient network, even the smartest devices are rendered dumb. Each connected device adds strain to a home network, impacting both the throughput and, ultimately, the availability of a wireless connection within the house. This is why the network has quickly become one of the most important systems in your home.


WIFI / Wireless Performance

Wireless performance is critical in today’s homes. Service providers are offering faster speeds than ever, however most homes struggle to get adequate coverage and speed (bandwidth) in all areas. We use the latest technologies to deliver rock solid coverage both inside and outside at the fastest possible speeds. This can include multiple access point systems for new construction or renovations, as well as mesh based wireless products for retrofit applications.

Network Infrastructure

All devices on any automation or entertainment system rely on connectivity through the home network. Depending on the device this can be hard-wired, or wireless. By provisioning the latest network infrastructure including the back-end equipment required we deliver systems that are stable, and perform as intended. We only use cabling that not only meets, but exceeds today’s standards to allow for our systems to be upgraded as technologies change.

Remote Management

Many of the systems we implement allow for remote management and updates. This allows us to provide quick, efficient service in the event of a software update, as well as offer system assistance without visiting your home. We’re committed to ensuring your home is up-to-date and running at it’s best at all times.