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Sonos Playbar Product Review: Deceivingly Big Sound!

By February 16, 2013May 20th, 2019Audio, Home Theatre
Sonos Playbar Product Review: Deceivingly Big Sound!

This week Sonos released their new Playbar – a game-changing sound bar that audiophiles have long awaited. Sonos is known for its excellent range of wireless home audio products, but this move officially launches the brand into the home theatre market as this is the first product designed not only for music enjoyment, but specifically to sync up with your TV.

The Playbar can act as a great alternative to a full home theatre system. Using just a single optical cable, it easily hooks up to your TV. No extra remote is needed because the speaker is controlled either using your existing remote, or the Sonos smartphone app. If all you’re doing is using the sound on your TV, this will transform the way you watch your favourite TV shows, sports & movies.

This new wireless HiFi speaker is about 3 ft in length, and can either be wall-mounted, or laid flat on a shelf or TV Stand. Although the size isn’t huge, the sound is, which can be attributed to the 9 individually-amplified speakers inside – 6 mid-woofers & 3 tweeters. The bass is surprisingly good, but if you really want to get it rockin’ it seamlessly integrates with the Sonos Sub . Add on 2 Sonos Play:3s and you’ve got yourself a full 5.1 home theatre surround sound experience.

The Playbar will be available in early-March for about $700

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